The FIA ditch the controversy of the tear-offs

Tear-offs de casco

To the sides of the visor are well appreciated, the tabs of where the pilot pulls to start the plastic sheet or tear-off.

The FIA has settled the controversy of the new standard on the tear-offs. The body of the engine had decided to prohibit pilots pull freely during the race, having to wait to be in the pitlane to do so or to keep them within the cockpit. In fact, Alonso has reported that McLaren-Honda had already prepared a container within the cockpit to be able to leave and not hover out of it by the air.

All part of a new stupid move implemented by the FIA for safety reasons, claiming that these tear-offs or plastic films that protect the visor of the helmet could be a danger to enter into the sockets of the radiators or in the ducts of the brakes, creating a problem of reliability or on the brakes as happened to Fernando Alonso in the GP of house the past year 2015. But this is extremely rare and does not happen in all races, it is something that happens once every much….

Fernando se quita tear-off de la visera y lo tira en pista

Gesture of Alonso taking off a sheet and dumping it to the side during the race.

As you know, it’s just a few layers attached to the visor of the helmet with a few tabs on the side for the pilot to go removing it from when they are stained and thus enhance their visibility. Before the helmets more ancient did not have these and we’ve all seen racing retro in which to reach the box were the mechanics who cleaned the glasses or the visor of the pilot. As well, now it seems that the FIA was bothered by that gesture of pilots and in an order, preposterous has decided that in the Monaco GP would follow this new standard that the forbidden to pull on the track.

The rule was so good and intelligent that today the agency has come to the fore to to go back and delete it. That is to say, has not lasted even a career. In order… should make logical rules and improve the show once and for all and not these absurdeces that sometimes you give to think if that made really think before you run them or not. In my opinion getting a non-stop advocate for the reduction of costs of a word, while their acts will not stop to increase them. They leave more freedom of development and testing instead of doing this… And if the problem is the image, little respectful with the environment, although there are worse things in F1, they use tear-off biodegradable.