The FIA forces you to go through the workshop to the Toyota Yaris WRC


The debut of the Toyota Yaris WRC in the Monte carlo Rally was
positive level of results, a bit hesitant at the level of sensations and
quite busy on a technical level. Well it is true that the mechanical problems are present
among all the World Rally Car which debuted in the French Alps were not
especially important in the case of the Toyota, but the formation of Tommi
Mäkinen passed certain troubles to the time to pass the technical checks
at the start of the rally. What seemed to be small problems with the
dimensions of the spoiler, the diffuser and the rear bumper, it seems that not
end there, according to ‘Rallye-Magazin’.

During the technical verifications of the day
Wednesday in Gap, the commissioners, technicians of the FIA detected small
irregularities in the rear of the Toyota Yaris WRC
, in particular in relation
the final measurements showed that spoiler, bumper and rear diffuser. Nothing serious that the
team Toyota Gazoo Racing could not solve in the few minutes before
start the shakedown and the subsequent rally test in which Latvala
ended up occupying the second position. All in all, the FIA has put duties to Toyota
to correct two other aspects
that would be outside of the technical regulation
regulates the new World Rally Cars.

Toyota Gazoo Racing is forced to change the anchors
top of the rear suspension
, every time that there is too much distance between
the shock absorbers and the aforementioned attachment points to the chassis. This
modification should be ready to face the Rally of Sweden. For its part, the
team also you will need to replace the valves of the four cylinders of the engine
1.6 Turbo
, as apparently were built with some kind of material that
it is not allowed by the regulations. The FIA has given the team until the Rally
Mexico to face up to this change, the more costly and complicated.