The FIA has not ruled out limiting the speed of the new LMP2


Oreca, Onroak Automotive, Dallara and Multimatic-Riley are the
four manufacturers put out for bid to build the LMP2 new generation. This
new era that is already giving its first steps on the asphalt and that the FIA and
the ACO monitor very closely. However, both organisms do not rule out having
that limit the speed of the new LMP2
, since these vehicles could be
too fast for pilots with little experience. A detail very
account that the the category LMP2 has a distinctly Pro-Am, as in the
structures tend to match professional drivers and amateur.

The four manufacturers are on notice, every time that the
first simulations indicate that the new LMP2 will improve their performance
remarkable shape. Of the hand of the V8 engine by Gibson, with some 600 horses
power and 80 horses more than the current engine from the LMP2, new
prototypes would improve between 8 and 10 seconds per lap at the 24 Hours of Le
and between 3 and 4 seconds on tracks with a distance conventional. The
safety is the major priority in this aspect and to ensure the pilots with
less experience
is fundamental to the FIA and the ACO.

Olivier Pla, pilot development of Onroak, as
referred to in these terms when he tested the Ligier JS P217 for the first time:
“Did an engine very manageable. All the ‘excess’ power is maximum
laps. It is easy to drive and of course it is a fast car. I Think for
some pilots will be good, but for others it may be difficult to
. I’m sure
that has become a very fast car and also in a very nice car
to drive”
. In this aspect, the limitation could also be regulatory and not technical the imposition of some requirements minimum for pilots Bronze.