The FIA has published the list with the ranking of the riders in 2018


The FIA has published the revised list with the ranking of the riders ahead of the season 2018. It should be remembered that this list marks the category of the pilots and therefore the races you can and can’t take part, since, under this system, qualifying regulating the inscriptions in the championships of FIA and ACO, IMSA and SRO, as well as in the main categories will compete at the national level. The pilots can be platinum, gold, silver or bronze, being the professional pilots included in the first two categories and the amateur in the remaining two.

After the period of two weeks I have had the pilots to request a review of your category, this list becomes final face-to-2018. With respect to the first version, drivers like Bill Auberlen or Emmanuel Collard, have been downgraded from Platinum to Gold due to age, same end that has lived Tom Kristensen. However, the main changes of category have already been given in the first provisional list, with a great dance of pilots between the categories Silver and Gold, something that is essential when it comes to finding seats in the class LMP2 in the WEC or in the class Pro-Am championships ORS.

as Well, pilots as Connor de Phillipi, Matt Campbell, Jules Gounon, Thomas Laurent, AndrĂ© Negrao, Seb Morris, Leo Roussel or Dries Vanthoor have gone on to be professional pilots after jump from the Silver category to the Gold, which means that they should rethink their programs and projects deprotivos. Meanwhile, many others have followed the inverse path, and have ceased to be professional pilots after falling to the Silver category. Some of the names that have suffered this degradation of Gold to Silver is Pippa Mann, Kyle Marcelli, Johnny O’connell, Darryl O Young or Spencer Pumpelly.