The FIA is positioned in favour of Ferrari


The controversy concerning the additional elements of the suspension used by Mercedes and Red Bull in 2016, seems to be clarified in a way almost final after the clarification sent by Charlie Whiting -Technical Delegate of the FIA – teams.

Ferrari asked for a clarification to the own Whiting early in the year, and he responded by arguing that no element of the suspension should be used in a way that its main function other than that of the suspension.

Obviously that ruled out the aero benefit that both Mercedes and Red Bull got the item, but the teams met with Whiting to discuss possible solutions, among which was the possibility of allowing the return of the suspensions active.

But according to Motorsport Magazine, Charlie Whiting sent last Friday, February 24, a letter of clarification by describing the assumptions that are deemed to be illegal since the first race of the year. According to Whiting, any system that changes its behavior in response to accelerations of the car in any direction (including vertical and lateral) will not be supported and neither can there be direct relationship between the height of the suspension and the braking of the car. Likewise, it rejects any control of height in contrast with the reaction to the ride height and do not allow storage of energy by any means for a deployment later, or storage of the same in shock absorbers, springs or tires, as for example a hydraulic damper-controlled.

however, this kind of clarifications do not have the courage that if he holds the regulation, while pose a clear warning of how they will interpret the same commissioners in case you have any claim during the celebration of the championship and now it remains to be seen how it will affect this last movement to the affected computers to less than a month of the beginning of the season.