The FIA is willing to introduce a biker independent 2017

Jean Todt y EcclestoneFaced with the refusal of Ferrari to limit the costs on engines and what it continues to be a drama for Red Bull, to find a motor for next season and not leave F1, the FIA has intervened to allow a motorist independent in 2017. This new mode, the driver would not be involved with any team and could motorize it to the computers that need it without giving treatment to some and not to others.

Ferrari exercised his right to veto in the recent meetings of the Strategy Group to agree the novelties for the future of Formula 1. The refusal of Ferrari to give his weapon to another team I can make shadow and his opposition to limit the costs on engines (which currently cost about 20 million per season to the client computers), has made the FIA look for alternatives for the computers that the motorists to present them to close the door to have an alternative to be powered from 2017.

logo FIAThe idea is good, but it seems to me somewhat hasty, which must be agreed on as soon as possible, since a year of development is not enough for a developer alternative may have a power unit with acceptable performance apparently seen with a Sling or with the rest that have not had as much time as Mercedes to have a unit powerful. There is, in addition to the major changes that are expected for 2017, with engines biturbo 1000CV and 2.2 l.

The FOM and the FIA are in agreement to include this new biker independent that can give engines cheaper to the small teams of the grill, by doing so their budgets are more modest. Also, being a biker is independent, there would be not treatment, and all clients would have the same tool to fight back on the track in equal conditions. Now… Who will be the brave that provides engines?