The FIA 'limit' 130 km/h to the new World Rally Cars


The new World Rally Cars are faster, but maybe
too much for the FIA
. At least that is the feeling prevailing after the
spectacular log, 137.8 km/h of average speed that marked Ott Tanak in
the SS12 of Rally Sweden. In this aspect, and as reveals ‘Autosport’, the
FIA is considering regulatory changes to to prevent that the speed
average of the stretches of the WRC to exceed 130 km/h
. Although the benefits of
the new cars will remain very high, FIA will work for that
organizers of each test design special for control
the incredible speed of the new World Rally Cars.

In this aspect, Jarmo Mahonen has been explained in ‘Autosport’
the FIA appreciates the way to handle this detail:
“These cars are faster than the old, but also in this stage
cars last year went to more than 130 km/h of average speed. This type
stage teach us that we must have a firmer control
when the
organizers want to introduce new stages. If there is a stretch with
average speeds above 130 km/h, it is an indicator that there is that
to review something. From our point of view is too fast and must
think of the regulations

Jarmo Mahonen added: we Want to speed
lower than 130 km/h on average
, but I remember that when I was the organizer does not
I wanted to use straw bales to make chicanes. What I understand and this is why the use of smaller paths that are slower. This is what
that we have to do”
. All in all, where Jarmo Mahonen and FIA seem to more reluctant to apply
changes is in the shakedown
, despite the tendency to preserve tyres
it has been seen in the first two rallies of the season and that has shown that
to force to do at least three passes does not improve the show.