The FIA looks for the ladder perfect to the WRC


The FIA, with Jarmo Mahonen to the head, is very interested in create a ladder logic for the young riders who want to get to the WRC. The aim is that the pilots most talented have a path clear -and to be able to be more economic – to progress to the World. To do this you need the collaboration of the national Federations, promoters and regional of the own promoter of the WRC, where there are also things to improve. The mirror is the staircase, with shades and black spots, has been designed to the Formula 1 with the F4 at the national level, the F3, GP3 and ultimately Formula 2.

The comprehensive review that aims to make the FIA ahead of the season 2019 starts from below, in the National. The goal is to create, support and consolidate various ways of promotion as the 208 Rally Cup or the Scholarship R2 and assure that young riders can compete for a price content and to demonstrate their talent. These programs must have final prizes that allow the jump to the various regional championships as are the European Rallies (ERC), the MERC, the Championship of Asia-Pacific (APRC), or the CODASUR. In turn, these contests continental must be the great stone of touch for the young talents.


Formulas and categories such as U27 and U28 of the ERC are key, as they should have as the destination the WRC, serve as a complement to the Junior WRC, every time that the category managed by DMACK and M-Sport at the end has a limited capacity. Both pathways must be have as a prize at some kind of program in WRC2 with the R5, the last step before being able to compete in a World Rally Car. All in all, the FIA is facing not only the complex task of developing this ladder, but ‘unclog’ a class WRC2 that serves funnel and where budgets are very high, and in many cases without being reciprocated with good results.

The goal is to implement this large-scale project in 2019, despite the fact that the change is largest and most important in the history of the rallies, as already defined by some. There is even the possibility of reviving the Pirelli Star Driver. This Cup had the support of Pirelli, and somehow had met all the requirements of the formulas of promotion that you want to Jarmo Mahonen, the whole time that riders from each region competed within the World of Production with the same car. Without a doubt, shis would be a perfect format for inclusion in WRC2 in parallel to the programs of DMACK.