The FIA prepares a substitute for vehicles R4


The FIA continues the natural evolution of the categories and classes of vehicles rally. With the World Rally Car as a great reference and R5 as a star vehicle for the R Group, the peak body of motor sport works in a new class within the vehicles RC2. We speak of a new technical specification designed to drive vehicles total, and that will be announced during the next month of march. It is clear that the FIA seeks to fill the gap left between the R5 and the R3 by the disappearance of the N Group and the absence of approvals for the R4.

The FIA wants to create a scale logical and balanced within the categories and classes of vehicles for rallies. With R1 and R2 as base of the pyramid, R3 represent the most prestacional between vehicles of simple traction, although the price is too high. With R5 as the crowning of the pyramid -on the sidelines of the World Rally Car in the World, the FIA looks for a category to replace the R4 and place as an affordable option for private teams to have a vehicle’s all-wheel drive for less than 120.000 euros.

In this way, the R5 would be at the forefront of the national championships, the ERC and the category WRC2 of the World, while the new class of the FIA you would draw it as a real alternative, even if it is below an economic level, and prestacional. we Understand that the FIA intends to do to live to the R5, and the models of this category as in his time did the RRC and S2000. With a performance similar and a different approach, according to ‘Rally-Sport’, this new category would cars awd and 300 HP on systems-based kits that do not shoot your price.