The FIA rectified and there will be more freedom for the motorists of F1 to 2016

V6 Turbo de Honda para la F1we reported on the news that the FIA had approved this week and that would affect the season 2016 F1. Well, after the meeting that have had motorists this Thursday, the FIA has had to backtrack with some of its reforms in order to satisfy some equipment. Mercedes is the great hurt, since the rules benefit the rest of the bikers to come closer to the germans.

Ferrari has gotten away with it with the new corrections. The Maranello did not want to supply engines to the specification 2016 Red Bull to not be overcome with their own weapons. But Ferrari was opposed to that motorists have freedom of development for 2016, as they feared that Honda and Renault to progress and achieve. But instead of giving up in this sense for there to be more of a show, the FIA has contented himself on the other side and has corrected the rule, which required that client computers have the same specification of engine.

Jean Todt FIAThe other two beneficiaries have been Honda and Renault. The own Franz Tost, Toro Rosso, has said that “I Hope that you are more closely in the coming year. I am convinced that they have the means and know how to reduce the differences.“. Now a new world opened up for Red Bull, who could be reconciled with Renault, and that he did a good job in the next year, opt for getting a Ferrari engine with specification of 2015 (maybe a Mercedes with specification old) or even opt for a Honda if this winter get a jump important.

With these changes have been achieved that Renault and Honda have an opportunity of to develop their engines, that Red Bull is to keep and enhance the performance, and competitiveness for next season. Now the FIA will be 32 tokens for the engine development in 2016 instead of 25 initial and they will not only have the next four months to develop, and freezing the engine with the certification, but you can change them throughout the season. Arai of Honda has been the one that more interest has shown in the face of this change, already asking for it, and finally managed to…

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