The FIA scrap the 'Shield' approved 'Halo' for 2018


the World Council of The Motor held on Wednesday 19 July has approved the implementation of the Halo as protector of the cockpit for the season 2018. The security system developed by Ferrari not convinced a good portion of the riders, so we tested a new way derived from the Aeroscreen Red Bull: the Shield.

But the tests done by Sebastian Vettel in the british Grand Prix were very disappointing and the FIA has rejected, by rebuilding its support for the Halo and confirming its use in 2018, although with some changes in its design to search for a greater efficiency of the same.

on the other hand, the FIA has informed that at the next meeting in September will continue to be dealing with the issue of new engines for 2021 and lproposal, which seeks to advance its implementation a year. For this to happen, should be agreed unanimously at that meeting to meet the deadlines of development marked by the FIA.

Costs and show

Finally, the FIA has reported that the Working Group current will have representatives of Liberty Media in search of a way to find innovative solutions that ensure the sustainability of the Formula 1 at the economic level.

in Parallel, we will study new avenues for the improvement of the show in order to recover the audience that over the past few years have fallen progressively. It should be noted that, for the first time, the World Council has counted with the presence as observers of representatives of Renault, Toro Rosso, Sauber and Haas, so that at last all the teams of the grill are part of the same.