The FIA sets the minimum weight at 728 kilograms


despite that, both the regulation, as the dimensions of the new tires are well-known for a long time, the FIA has decided to make a last minute change in one of the most relevant aspects: the minimum weight of the cars.

According to Autosport, the teams have received the notification from the FIA that communicates to them that the minimum weight for it to be of 728 kilograms, six more than up to now and 26 more than in 2016. This weight includes the pilot, but excludes the fuel, which encrypts a loss of approximately a second per lap in relation to last year, however, is expected to be largely compensated by the increase of mechanical grip and downforce through the tyre and the new regulation.

Precisely the new tyres, which have grown 25%, are the cause of this measure, since that adds around a kilogram each of the front and 1.5 in the rear.

At least that will allow pilots to relax slightly with the body weight, an issue that has been the subject of controversy during the last few seasons because of the hardness of the diets to which teams were forcing them to try to gain weight on the scale and, thus, have more space to place ballast in the car. These ballasts are used for, function of each circuit, to distribute the weight in the most beneficial possible for the behavior of the car in question.