The FIA wants engines with cheaper, noisy, simple, and accessible


Although we reported the veto, the manufacturers did to the independent motors in the meeting of the Commission of the Formula 1 in Paris, FIA published an official statement that clarifies the decisions taken in conjunction with the Strategy Group. The four points that are looking for the highest body of motorsport are units of power cheaper, more noisy, more simple technically, and that all computers have access to them. The next meeting on this topic will take place in Abu Dhabi this weekend, and for the moment we leave aside the option of reciprocating engine. Here is the press release in full:

The Strategy Group in Formula 1 and the Commission of the Formula 1 took place in Paris constructive meetings separated in the headquarters of the FIA. The parties involved have agreed on a course to address several key areas related to the supply of the power unit in Formula One. These areas are:

– Guarantee of supply of power units to all teams.
– Need to reduce the cost of the power units to the teams clients.
– a Simplification of the technical specifications of the power units.
– Enhancement of noise.

The manufacturers, in collaboration with the FIA, will present a proposal by 15 January 2016 that will try to offer solutions to the above concerns. The proposal will include the imposition of a minimum number of computers that a manufacturer must provide, by ensuring that all computers have access to a power unit. The measures will also be presented to reduce the cost of the supply of power units for client computers, as well as the improvement of its noise.

All the interested parties have been marked as a target that the development will be for the season 2017 at the earliest and 2018 at the very latest. The next meeting between the FIA and the manufacturers of power unit on this topic will take place this week in the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.

The meetings of Paris recognized the four expressions of interest credible made for the manufacture and the supply of a engine client alternative less expensive. However, the Commission of the F1 agreed not to pursue this option at this time, although will be re-evaluated after that the manufacturers of unit of energy has submitted its proposal to the Group Strategy.