The FIA will discuss the engines of Ferrari and Mercedes in search of irregularities

Render del motor Mercedes V6 Turbo Híbrido para F1 FIA is going to perform a routine inspection on the engines of Ferrari and Mercedes to search for irregularities. These inspections will go beyond to check the tokens employees with documentation of each motorist, but that the organization will open up the engines, desmontándolos completely to check if there are irregularities or not. This produceso will be the first week of December and in case you find that the manufacturers have done some cheating, the FIA could desclasificarlos, what would be an overturning of the current world.

The German publication Auto Motor und Sport has been the one that has given the voice of alarm, they also report that the process of study will be conducted the first week of December, so we will soon have news about it, whether good or bad (according to who). For the study, the AIF has chosen the engines as used by Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. I insist, if irregularities are detected, the agency could reach to declassify the pilots, and one of them involves removing the world. I don’t think that happens, or irregularities, but everything could happen.

Ferrari SF15-T (Vettel)In the case of Hamilton will open the unit of power used in Austin and who proclaimed champion at the british Mercedes driver. In the case of the Maranello, the Ferrari engine to analyze will be that of Vettel who took victory in Singapore. Equally, it could also inspect some of the used in the GP of Abu Dhabi in this last race of the season if any of these two drivers to win this weekend. It seems to be that the world body has suspicions only with the engines of these two teams and specifically of these two pilots.

The vacation will be exploited by the FIA to complete the checks and determine their verdict. Due to the complexity of the technology, the hybrid drives may bring up to 3 days to be removed to the full. Once this is done, together with the documentation provided by each team of the changes made with each token, we check if motorists have been able to make improvements beyond what is allowed. And although it is routine for this kind of checks when you have used tokens, serulta unlikely that only be made on these two pilots concrete…