The FIA will not make changes in the DRS zones


The FIA has decided not to make changes in the DRS zones the circuits of the championship after evaluating the first three races. Despite the fact that this year the cars have less top speed, but higher speed cornering and hard-braking capabilities, the agency official considers that it is not necessary to modify any of the areas marked for the use of the DRS.


In the three first grand prix of the season has significantly reduced the number of overtaking, but also the percentage of the same thanks to the aerodynamic device mobile installed in the rear spoiler. Particularly striking is the case of the Grand Prix of China this year which led to a 20% less of overtaking with DRS, although the wet track contributed to that statistic.

As expected, the overtaking has increased in the grands prix of China and Bahrain, easing the concern created after the few 14 that we were able to witness in the first event of the season in Australia. In the first two quotations, the average of overtaking has been set at something less than 30% with regard to 2016, the decline being less in a circuit favourable as that of Sakhir, in which this year there have been 38% of overtaking compared to last season.

Overtaking DRS 2016 2017
Australia 30% 21,42%
China 38,46% 18,51%
Bahrein 41,6% 37,5%