The FIA will sanction the defensive moves in the braking


last Friday, the pilot brought up the issue of defensive moves in phase of braking during the usual meeting with the race Director and Technical Delegate of the FIA, Charlie Whiting.

After the same, Whiting told them that before the race would take the final decision, as it has been before the classification. From now on, the movements in phase of braking of a pilot defending against another that wants to overtake him, will be punished.

The document submitted by Charlie Whiting at the drivers specifies that “any change of address during braking that would force the other pilot to perform an avoidance manoeuvre will be considered abnormal and, therefore, potentially dangerous for other drivers. Any movement of this kind will be reported to the commissioners”. The sanction will depend on the discretion of the commissioners.

The blue flags

The FIA has also clarified the mode of proceeding under blue flags after several controversies with the riders bent on the Big Prizes this season. From now on, there will be a pre-warning when the car fast approaching in less than three seconds, and should facilitate the dubbing, as far as possible when it is less than a second.

“From now on the system will be adjusted to give a pre-warning when a faster car is less than three seconds that is to be folded. This should be used by the team of the slowest car to warn its driver of that is going to be doubled soon and that the faster car is a priority.”

“When the faster car is within one second of the car that is to be folded, the blue flags will be shown on the car slower (in conjunction with blue lights in the cockpit and a message on the monitors of times) and the pilot should allow the car continues to skip forward to the first opportunity. Additional instructions should also be given by the race control when necessary”.