The Fiat 124 Spider could arrive at the WRC in 2017

Abarth could seal their return to the world of rally in the season 2017. What would you do to compete in the lower categories with the Abarth 124, which will hit the market that same year.

2017 Fiat 124 Spiderafter the debut of the new Fiat 124 Spider occurred in the framework of the Salon Automobile Los Angeles occurred a few days ago, surprised today with the news that indicates the possible arrival of the convertible in the Italian brand to the competencies in one of the categories of the WRC.

Dand based upon Pistonheads, participation will be through the lower categories of the world rally, with a car especially prepared for the competition, which will be based on the Abarth 124. The date of entry likely seems to be the year 2017, just when the Abarth 124 is put on sale. While the 124 developed by Abarth would use the engine of 1.4-liter turbo from the 500 with a power of between 160 and 160 hp, it is expected that the special development to R-GT, is larger than 200 horsepower.

category R-GT WRC uses vehicles that do not require a minimum amount of units being produced, since it is based practically in products of the street, with the only requirement that you have a weight/power ratio of at least 3.4 kg/hp, something that a priori the 124 will comply without a problem thanks to the little less than one thousand kilograms of weight of the model series. Of course, the units must be conveniently adapted to the respective safety harness, cage, etc

The last time Fiat was involved in the rally was to in the early 1980s, when managed to won the Championship of the WRC three times with the iconic 131 Abarth, once with Markku Alen at the wheel, and the last time in 1980 with Walter Röhrl.