The Fiat 124 Spider debuts at year end


is expected to unprecedented Fiat 124 Spider will officially present by year-end . It is a convertible Fiat developed based on the new Mazda MX-5 and also offer versions Abarth with a power around 200 hp .


Fiat-124-spider-2015 S erg Marchionne confirmed officially that the Fiat 124 Spider will go on sale in 2016, but we know in its final form even before its debut to the public, will happen under the Frankfurt or later than the Hall Los Angeles , which will take place next year.

The product of Fiat will be based on the next-generation Mazda MX-5, the result of an agreement between the two marks . It will be offered in all world markets under the Fiat brand and although not yet confirmed officially, it is believed that there will be signed Abarth variant that could offer a power exceeding 200 hp force .

The Fiat 124 Spider will be announced later this year.

The new technical base Mazda MX-5 has everything to satisfy the most demanding when it comes to driving pleasure and benefits that can offer this type of vehicle.

But Fiat will print your label with its own engine configuration, address and suspension .

Another difference with respect to his brother Mazda could be related to the seating arrangement. It is still unknown if Fiat 124 Spider will be a two-seater or 2 + 2 like the Original 124 Spider sold by Fiat between 1966 and 1980. Its dimensions are located below four meters , while it will be very light, since it is expected that some of its body panels are made of aluminum .

it is expected that 124 Spider hide under its hood to MultiAir-block 1.4-liter Turbo , with a power that would be around the 150 horsepower.

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