The Fiat 124 Spider escapes early


The new Fiat 124 Spider was caught while doing a photo shoot. It is a convertible that is based on the Mazda MX-5, which also have an Abarth variant.


Fiat Spider 2016 © E l Fiat 124 Spider is a sort of twin brother of Mazda MX-5 , which will have its official debut at the forthcoming LA Auto Show . Although until now had not been photographed with final body exposed, this week has been falling for a photo shoot.

Although it shares the platform with the product of Mazda, the Fiat 124 Spider will have its own exterior design, which as can be seen in the spy shots, it looks a front that seems inspired in the original 124 .

Fiat Spider 2016 © In the post sector also differences are observed regarding the MX-5 with a larger headlights and interior hollow body color, as in the Nuova 500 and a redesigned bumper.

will be offered in two versions, one of which is the photographs that accompany this note and the other will be a signed Abarth variant, which will gain not only a spicier mechanics, but also some changes visually, which will provide a more radical look.

On the inside , although it can not be observed in great detail, we note that no great innovations for the MX-5, which seems to take the full design, beyond the corresponding changes of emblems on the wheel, etc.

Fiat Spider 2016 ©



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