The Fiat 147 is celebrating its 40 years in Brazil

It was a derivative of the Fiat 127 and it was produced in Brazil between the years 1976 and 1986. In addition it was manufactured in Venezuela, Chile, Colombia and Argentina, where it remained in production until the year 1997.

Fiat-147-1Hace 40 years Fiat had in the brazilian market to the first model of local production. It was the Fiat 147, a hatchback two doors and 3,59 meters in length, which was not more than an adaptation of the Fiat 127 marketed in the main european markets, but conveniently adapted to the taste and the needs of south american.

This week was held in Brazil the 40th anniversary of the arrival on the market of the Fiat 147, on the occasion of the Salon of the Car Collection, a traditional event for vintage cars which took place in São Paulo. The event counted with the presence of 40 copies of the ‘147’ versions: L, GL, Van, the variant dynamic named Rally, City Pickup, Panorama, sedan Oggi and his latest edition called Spazio.

The Fiat 147 was initially available in Brazil with gasoline engines 1050 cc with 57 HP and 1300 cc with 61 CV, in combination with a manual change of four gears. Of great acceptance in Latin America, the 147 was produced not only in Brazil, but also in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela.

Also knew how to have a sport variant, produced in Argentina by IAVA (Argentine Industry Vehicles Advanced), which carried the name 147 Sorpasso. It is worth of a four-cylinder engine and 1.3-liter, displacement, that developed a power of 90 HP at 6,400 rpm, with which it achieved a 0-100 in 8.4 seconds and a maximum speed of 165 Km/h.