The Fiat 500X already Mopar accessories



The Fiat 500X opens the range of Mopar accessories, ranging from cosmetic accessories to transport winter sports equipment


Fiat-500X-Mopar A s with what happened with the Fiat 500 after the release of restyling a few weeks ago, the range of accessories are now Mopar also available on the Fiat 500X. Guests can choose between over 100 accessories , ranging from alloy wheels 18 inches offered in various colors, as well as housings for the mirrors or a new adhesives to decorate the roof, hood and sides.

The Mopar accessories reached the Fiat 500X.

Fiat also provides certain accessory packages that allow certain elements to combine a lower rate. Among the accessories there are also moldings and chrome or black for the interior and bodywork, but there are also some functional features such as support for transporting winter sports equipment such as skis and Snowboard or a support specific to transport bicycles.

While some of these items had been submitted earlier, its launch in the UK market allows us to know some new ones.

Exclusive customization was something that once drove MINI when it launched the first BMW MINI Cooper was. The Mopar accessories were hitherto known in American muscle cars, but since the brand was in the group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles , these accessories are made gradually extended to much of product family.



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