The Fiat Bull hunted in the united States

The Fiat Bull produced in Brazil has been caught by photographers while shooting in the vicinity of the city of Detroit in the united States. At the moment only marketed in Brazil, but FCA has plans of expansion to other markets.



Andl new Fiat Bull just arrive at brazilian market, and now the first units rolling in the united States, were hunted by the photographers of the publication Automobilemag as they moved through open roads without any kind of camouflage, very close to the city of Detroit.

By the time it would be hasty to say that the Bull prepares its arrival to the north american market, but on the contrary, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles could be rehearsing any vehicle of similar characteristics, which should not be related to the Jeep Wrangler pickup that will hit the market towards 2017.

however, it is worth remembering that several of the products from Fiat are marketed under the RAM brand in Mexico and it would not be strange that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is considering a possible arrival of the Bull to north America, either under the identity RAM or as a sort of competitor of the pickups smaller Toyota Tacoma or Chevrolet Colorado, and even Honda Ridgeline, taking into account its architecture is based on a monohull.

however for the moment these are all assumptions, but certainly the presence of this brazilian product in the lands of north america some explanation should have. For now, I leave you the photos.