The Fiat compact is left to see once more in evidence

New air blow to Fiat. The Italian brand is making up for lost time, starting to once again expanding its family of models beyond the high range of the Fiat 500. The compact segment has always been good to Fiat, and therefore the next year we will see a new model for the same, the Fiat compact.


ahead is exactly like his brother sedan

Will come to replace the old Fiat Punto, that since the year 2005 has barely changed its design and technology. This disappears to leave its place to the Type, sharing a name with your brother berlina, since in the end we are talking about the same car but with a rear cut out.

as is shown in images, the likeness between both is more than evident, something that we could already see above. The front is almost identical, and the rear changes required by the compact of the measures. Even so, this area, covered extensively by tarps camouflage reveals clearly its design.

In terms of to the interior, we know that it will keep the same philosophy copy/paste from the outside. The truth is that it is not necessary to undertake too many changes, because the Type 2016, initially known as the Fiat Aegea, has a good design and with a great technology, which will be exported to the compact version without hardly vary.

In the mechanical part, the Fiat has been designed to be an affordable car and functional. Therefore hit the market with engines, not excessive power, 95 and 120 HP with excellent consumption that are located between the 3.7 and the 5.7 liters per 100 km (official data). These same blocks will become part of the compact.


behind cropped compact requires a change of design

In terms of the price for now is unknown, and its arrival at the point of sale. If we take into account that the Type-sedan part from the 9.900 euros, and that the Point makes from the 6.950, it would not be strange to think that the Fiat compact is available from a starting price of around 8,000 euros.