The Fiat One will have three-cylinder engine from 2017

Fiat prepares in Brazil a new three-cylinder engine and 1.0 liter in a few more months will be used for some of its products in the region. The propellant will form part of the bid mechanics of the current Fiat One.

Fiat-UnoFiat Chrysler Automobiles is in full development of a series of developments that in a short time but are available in South america. In the first place, is progressing the development of a new product to replace the Palio Fire, which for the moment it is only known by its codename X1H.

The veteran product of Fiat will no longer occur during the second half of next year, and along with the new product, there will also be new mechanics that will affect other models of the brand in the region. Is that Fiat does not want to (and can not) be left out of what today seems to have transformed into what in mechanical terms is to prevail within the products of the segment lower in Brazil, which are the thrusters of three cylinders and 1.0 litre of displacement.

to be able To compete better against other manufacturers such as Hyundai and Volkswagen, which already offer proponents of these characteristics in some of the products that they market in Latin America, Fiat is developing a new three-cylinder engine and 1.0 liter to equip the model that will be transformed into the more accessible its range of products. According to reports earlier, this new propellant develop about 80 hp and would be available in addition to a system of starting and stopping the engine.

however the new propellant is not available at the time of the launch of the X1H, for which the model will adopt the engine Fire on 4 cylinders and 1.0 litre that is currently used by the Uno and Palio, something that, in principle, not evil shall come to Fiat in order to accomplish their intentions of establishing this new product as car cheapest in the brazilian market.

But when the new three-cylinder 1.0 litre is available, it will not only have their place in the X1H, but also in the Fiat Uno, although as recently as the end of next year.