The Fiat Panda is expected to be renewed sooner than we imagine

Fiat Panda 2017

things as they are. Today Fiat is where it is thanks to what good is sold your little Panda. The model that is more hard in the market (that’s what they say the biggest in the place) has become an institution for the Italian firm and for the thousands of customers that rely on their good work. This situation is knowledgeable Fiat and to prevent the competition you will climb to the beard with their models already have very advanced next-generation the Panda.

According to, the next generation of Panda is to fall. This information comes from the hand of the images spies has published the middle Car Express on its website, and that shows us, under a thick layer of camouflage, how would be its design. Seeing the pictures we cannot say that the next model to change a lot with regard to the present, however the firm will focus on the most important aspects.

Fiat Panda 2017

Change your headlights, your bumper, the design of the alloy wheels (or plate) as well as their colors and customization options. In addition, the item that has most changed will be their platform. The reason is that the next Fiat 500 should brand a platform to something bigger and with better skills in the field of security and, following its launch in the most flirtatious of the Italian firm should be on the Panda without much more delay.

With this basis the model would win whole, for though its base remains very good, the next will improve the weak points of the current and will result in a bigger interior space and safety. What is likely to not change much will be your range mechanics. will Keep the same blocks gasoline and diesel with powers ranging from 69 to 105 hp, although it is likely that you mount the new engines, the FireFly that are already being assembled in Brazil.

marketing you should come to the end of this year, although we believe that it will do so just after the handoff generation of the 500.

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Fiat Panda
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