The Fiat Toro 2016 can be seen from the rear

Fiat Toro traseraa short while Ago appeared the Fiat Toro 2016, a new model with the Italian brand enters the world of the pick-ups. Until now we had just one official image and a few spy photos taken directly from the assembly line. If you have already had been able to see the detail of the front, today we get a clearer view of the back.

Comes directly from Fiat Brazil, since this model will be manufactured at the plant of the Group FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) in Pernambuco and the brazilian will be one of the first markets that will come. With a length 4915 mm, a cabin suitable for five passengers and a cargo capacity of up to 1,000 kg in your box, meant to be a perfect tool for the job.

Fiat Toro 2016As can be seen in the image of the rear, it confirms what we already were talking about: the tailgate is divided and open the two doors to the outside. The opening mechanism is hidden behind a logo of the brand of large dimensions situated in the center. The back has a stocky, with fenders and wheel arches made of plastic of black color.

Also tells us that we are at the butt-end of a Fiat Torus. On one side appears the name of the model and in the other “Volcano”, which we assume will be a new level of equipment, and “AT9”, which refers to his gearbox. Remember that the automatic nine-speed only equates with the diesel engine 2.0 MultiJet of 170 horses and traction 4×4.

Fiat Toro línea de montajeThis engine also could choose with a manual gearbox of six relations, and with the front-wheel-drive 4×2. The other option mechanics this is the 1.8 E-Torq Flex 138 HP, capable of operating with gasoline and ethanol. For this engine uses a gearbox six-speed automatic. Is expected to start its marketing in South America during 2016 and we still don’t know whether it will reach other markets.

Your equipment in the case of the model in the photography would be as complete, including elements such as wheels of 18 inches, prepared suspension for use off road, xenon headlamps, parking sensors or descent control. Models such as the Renault Duster Oroch will be the main competitors for this new Fiat Bull.

Source – Fiat