The Fiat Type gets 4 stars in the tests of EuroNcap

Fiat Tipo 5 puertas LoungeFiat is one of the brands with most tradition in the compact segment. The category that most sales included in Europe is vital for any brand, and in the Italian house have not wanted to be neglected. After the disappearance of the previous Fiat Bravo has come to our streets with the new Fiat. This model borrows the name of the compact that the brand sold during the years 1988 and 1995, and is presented with three different types of body.

Without emargo, the new compact Fiat has changed its approach in order to have greater guarantees of success. By Spain the previous Stilo and Bravo passed with more pain than glory, and the brand has decided to create a car logical rather than aspirational, because every day customers buy more with the head than with the heart. This strategic decision, not make it worse than its competitors as you can read in the testing that we did and that you can see here.

Well as the entire car newly launched to the market, in these days he has touched to pass by the gallows of EuroNcap and according to their test car has taken between three and four stars. A priori this score, it might seem to be insufficient and there will even be those who will dare to say that a car is unsafe. Who is to say that it would be wrong of full as for having obtained this note in a car does not have to be insecure nor dangerous for our life in case of accident.

What happens is EuroNcap has modified the way in which it performs the crash test and has reformulated how we score it to a car. To give a note to a car valued four aspects: protection driver, protection to minors, the risk for the pedestrian in case of collision, and driving aids. However, the weight of each one of the four aspects measured is different and that is what makes a car, such as the Type, you can take a note without being at all unsafe.

The Type has achieved some scores: 82 percent in protection for the driver, 60 per cent in the protection of minors, 62 per cent in protection of the pedestrian in the event of collision and a 25 or 57 per cent in terms of driving aids. This variation in the last aspect measured is the one that makes the Fiat vary your note of 3 to 4 stars in function of the aids to the conduct that incorporates the model that we analyze.

With this we mean, that the Fiat Type model is a fully secure and at the same level as their competidores in terms of the first three elements of measurement. However, as the philosophy of the compact has changed to a more logical, the majority of attendees to driving are associated with optional packages and therefore if the model does not lead it could understand that it is more unsafe, but if the mount is more secure.

therefore, what we mean is that if the Type you like and what you want to buy that judge with all the confidence, because of insecure has nothing.

Source – EuroNcap