The fierce Mercedes-AMG GT R is seen before being presented at Goodwood


A new beast is about to come out of the ovens sporting Mercedes-AMG

The AMG-GT currently represents the royalty of sport Mercedes. Although it is not the most powerful model of the house, is the only one that is conceived as a sport of pure-strain. However you can give more of themselves, and it is here where arises the figure of the Mercedes-AMG GT R. A beast that will be presented next month and we already have a advance.

During these last few months, we have seen it, thanks to spy pictures, in various stages of making his point. Different prototypes and mules of evidence have travelled thousands of kilometres, most of them in circuit, revealing that it will be the variant of street more crazy and daring than we have seen in a long time with the star of three points on the nose.

Aesthetically there will be variations with respect to a Mercedes-AMG GT “conventional”. The brutality will come represented by a front modified, for a spoiler, fixed rear, and a diffuser redesigned not only to be more fierce, but also more effective. As shown in these advances, the carbon fiber will be used in abundant panels, such as the roof.

inside changes will be much less than on the outside. . Mercedes wanted to keep the structure that we already know and that we like, although it has applied subtle changes to make us see that we are in the highest echelon of their concept of sportsmanship.

however where I see changes is in the engine. Not in your configuration, as Mercedes will continue to stand up for the block V8 four-liter biturbo current, but in its performance figures. Of the 510 HP as maximum, we arrive at a figure close to 585. Doesn’t seem like a growth very significant, but if we add to that a loss of weight and improved aerodynamics, the thing changes.

Soon we will leave doubts, in the Festival of Goodwood. Finally, we leave you with a little video posted on YouTube that we advance more concrete form some of the details of this beast of three points. A beast that promises to leave no one indifferent, neither by its appearance nor by its sound.