The figures of Renault: restructuring physical and economic


The team Renault has changed dramatically since he started his career in Formula 1 as such in 2002, picking up the witness of the era that marked Toleman or Benetton. The French lived a golden age next to Fernando Alonso in 2005 and 2006, the self-proclaimed champions of the constructors ‘ championship, but since then, the situation of crisis has passed through Enstone. From 2012 to 2015 the team mutated, renombrándose as Lotus, and not returned to retrieve the original name of the team of the diamond until last year.


2015 (Lotus) 2016 (Renault)
66,2 million € 3.8 million €

last year began a phase of restructuring long-term, with the which intended to start from scratch with a team of your property that could aspire to the podium and, who knows, maybe even fight for a championship in the future. Say goodbye to Lotus was a great investment, but an increase of almost 14 million euros in sales and a further increase of the fixed assets of 13.7 billion show the light at the end of the tunnel, as well as a decrease of the financial expenses.


2015 (Lotus) 2016 (Renault)
91,1 million € 139.1 million €

In regard to the results on the track, they claim that yearn to take hold and finish the season in fifth position. The battle to be done with the knob in the middle area of the grill is more fierce than ever, and are currently ranked seventh, 4 points away from Williams and 7 Toro Rosso.


2015 (Lotus) 2016 (Renault) 2017 (Renault)
475 employees 511 employees 600 employees