The film with more faults of 2015 is A todo gas 7, with 41 errors

A todo gas 7We are coming to the end of the year and he also appear in the listings a summary of the last 365 days. Things that have happened, most viewed videos… But we want to stay with something very curious, and, in addition, makes reference to what our, cars. It turns out that the movie A todo gas 7 is the movie with more errors released in 2015. I know that doesn’t surprise you.

A blockbuster it is complicated, not only by the expenditure of money that is, but by the fact of co-ordinate and make that thousands of shots fit in a film of over 1 hour duration. According to the specialized portal Moviemistakes, the work has not been entirely clean, and settle for nothing less than 41 failures.

a-todo-gas-7-trailer-1it Seems little, but is that the next movie in the list is Jurassic Park, with 33 failures. The producers of A todo gas 7 can be happy with their latest delivery, which raised more than 1,000 million dollars in only 17 days. It is, moreover, one of the highest grossing movies in history. But it could have been better made.

That tells us Moviemistakes that introduces a list of errors that comes to the 41. There are some that are extremely difficult to see, as it appears the vest of a wizard in the reflection of the door of a car. Other errors are fixed more in the audio, which sometimes does not match with what it actually says the character, if it is that is speaking.

Jaguar Land Rover SpectreMore curious are errors like that in the explosion of the house the blast wave is capable of catapulting Brian, however, does not break even a single glass of contiguous houses. There are other errors of continuity that arise from cut-scenes, as any jacket out fastened and unfastened immediately after.

If we continue with the films in which the cars are also stars, so there’s that to look toward SPECTRE, the new installment of James Bond. Is best done, it seems, is that it only posts 16 failures. Are quite typical in this type of action movies, as a vehicle to have an accident bending axes, and in the next scene is intact.

Source – Moviemistakes