The final bike for your excursions trialeres is the new Montesa 4Ride

Montesa launches a new model, a Montesa 4Ride that comes to offer us a perspective half-way between the trial and the enduro, a trial bike versatile, an enduro bike lighter, even more agile, ready to join us and get covered in our outings Sunday out of the asphalt.

A motorcycle of offroad multi-purpose that is not a trail, light and agile without being a trial bike and that is not within the motorcycles of enduro more specialized:

Montesa Honda has ambitious growth plans that pass by to get to the 5,000 units sold in 2018. 2015 closes with less than 2,000 units.

Presented on the occasion of the EICMA of Milan, the Montesa 4Ride provides us with an aesthetic modelled on an enduro bike but with dimensions more understated and a face shield, a front light, which betrays its origin trialer.

This Montesa 4Ride account with the thruster 260cc and 4 times inherited from the Montesa Cota 4RT260 and Race Replica although it has been duly adapted to its new use besides counting now with a fuel tank of greater capacity, 4,4 liter compared to less than 2 liters of the trial bikes.

in Front of the scale, we find ourselves before a set of 85 kg that, although it is quite lightweight for its focus is, of course, higher than that offered by its more sisters trialeres.


The 4Ride has approved an autonomy of 120 km with 4.4 L of deposit

Their suspensions offer a long ride and your riding position invites us to adopt a posture considerably more relaxed in specific variants of trial, even with a glove box under the seat.

We are therefore faced with a bike that is positioned at an intermediate point between what offers us an enduro bike and what that offers us a dirt bike. A perfect alternative for those who want to venture into the terrain offroad without falling into more radical alternatives and specific.

Your marketing is scheduled for next month February. Will be built at the plant in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda.

Gallery of images of the Montesa 4Ride: