The financing of Monza generates doubts Ecclestone


The continuity of Monza in the Formula 1 World championship has been setting all winter. The negotiations have been intense, but everything seemed to indicate that the manager of the track and Bernie Ecclestone had reached an agreement, any time that the Italian Government had intended to fund the Grand Prix. And we speak in the past tense because now it is not clear. In the last meeting between the representative of the FOM and the responsible of the path held in London a few days ago, the contract presented was not what was expected. All returns to be in ‘stand by’.

it Seems that the continuity of the GP of Italy in Monza should not be in danger any time there is an agreement to set the canon of the test at 18 million euros, a figure that satisfies both parties. However, Bernie Ecclestone has presented his doubts about the financing plans of the circuit. And is that the path has to undertake a series of modifications to improve the facilities at the track. At this point, and with an investment of 7 million euros, the ‘capo’ of the Formula 1 has doubts about the arrival of this money.

Ecclestone wants to bet on the safe side and does not want to sign a contract in which this investment comes gradually over the next 10 years, face the possibility of signing the agreement and then this investment of 7 million euros to improve the facilities are not finished running. All in all, the conversations will continue in the near future to unlock the situation, although finally there is no agreement, Mugello or Imola are drawn as real alternatives for keeping the Grand Prix of Italy. THE priority is to maintain Monza, but the Automobile Club of Italy handles all the options.