The fire power of the new Audi Quattro Samba

Turns dizziness, rapid and power moves on an icy asphalt are some of the key features of the new Audi Quattro Samba , as endowed with its power of fire began a dance without limits in the new place they have prepared next two known athletes in the audience, would you like to see?

El poder del fuego del nuevo Audi Samba Quattro Immersed in their strategies before a football game, players from Real Madrid and Marcelo Carvajal choose to climb aboard the legendary Audi Quattro Samba and make a legendary dance ever seen in the world of driving. The course will be carried is dominated by the frozen ice that dominates his entire extension , where we find obstacles strewn in different directions that increase if possible, the dangers of the journey.

The soil and rage triggered by the new Audi Quattro Sam form a unique spectacle that is reflected in the video that we present in our blog of Motor . Impossible twists, unbelievable skids and some fast movements like those of a leopard in the middle of the jungle are some of the most outstanding notes of all this visual spectacle.

All this goes to show safety and effectiveness and praised the legendary quattro. Baquiera Beret is the drive where developing large fire undertaken by the players at Real Madrid before mentioned, who have not hesitated to analyze the functionality of this new monster of the road that is here to stay, and establish itself as the center of attention of all fans of motorsport.

Audi Samba Quattro Audi Quattro Samba realizes all its power and efficiency behind the wheel, testing the quality of a snowbank that more than one would have generated fear and despair for not achieving their goals. With the new Audi Samba Quattre or equipped with a powerful structure red hue as the sun will be able to melt any obstacle that comes your way.

feel that to try power of fire new Audi Quattro Samba

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