The first Alfa Romeo Giulia came out of the plant of Cassino

Finally, after a number of disadvantages, the Alfa Romeo Giulia went into production in the Italian plant of Cassino on April 19.

Alfa-Romeo-Giulia-CassinoLwaiting has ended and the new Alfa Romeo Giulia is ready to reach dealers. the first unit was produced in the plant of Cassino, which motivated a celebration along with all the employees of the plant. It is a unity with his body painted in dark grey color, which according to the Italian press, has been assigned to one of the providers.

The Giulia most basic uses of a turbocharged engine of four cylinders with block 2.0 liters and direct injection that has a performance of 200 HP. In addition there will be a turbo Multijet 2.2-liter in versions of 150 CV and 380 Nm of torque achieved at just 1,500 rpm and 180 HP, with a maximum torque already from 450 Nm at 1,750 rpm, combined with a manual change of six marches or automatic 8 relations.

For those who want a version of most exciting Alfa Romeo you are reserved to the version Quadrifoglio Verde, which shall have a motor V6 source Ferrari that produces more than 500 HP.

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia will be available in versions Giulia Super Quadrifoglio Verde. Series will be offered with active safety systems, including forward collision warning with braking and autonomous pedestrian detection, speed control, adaptive cruise, holding lanes, etc above are the optional packages Sports Pack and Luxury Pack, the first of these with alloy wheels larger, Xenon headlights and interior details sports, while the Luxury will have finished luxurious, among which is not missing the wood and the chrome.