The first batteries of graphene “Made in Spain” will come before summer


The first batteries of graphene functional will arrive before summer

Yesterday took place the official presentation of the batteries of graphene “Made in Spain”. The Spanish company Grabat Energy and china Chint Group come to an agreement for the mass production of this storage system, whose main component, polymers of graphene, promises to completely revolutionize the industry of batteries in all its segments.

long ago we talked to you about the batteries of graphene for use in electric vehicles. A battery that on paper promise to be the Holy Grail industry: 1,000 km of autonomy for a vehicle with full recharges in 8 minutes, half the weight with respect to the lithium-ion battery and its production can become cheaper to be 77% more economic that the current.

These figures put in doubt the more sceptical if it is fact or fiction. What is certain is that no time we will see them as a source of energy storage for electric vehicles, but that is to be implemented for other uses: motorcycles, bicycles, and battery domestic.

Grabat Energy communicated during the event yesterday that their engineers and chemists have already begun to develop the technology in their facilities Yecla, Murcia,and we propose approximate dates: the first prototypes operating will be available before summer and the commercial batteries will appear during the second half of 2016.

The plant Grabat in Yecla is the first battery plant for graphene in the world, whose infrastructure has 20 lines of assembly and manufacturing that is capable of producing 80 million cells to full production. The polymer of graphene from the Spanish company has been certified by AT4 Wireless in Spain and Germany TÜV.