The first Bentley Bentayga leaves the assembly line

El primer Bentley Bentayga sale de la línea de montajeYesterday was a historic day for Bentley. The Crewe celebrated in a major event the manufacture of the first Bentley Bentayga of production. The luxury SUV, which lays the foundation of a new segment, until now, virgin is already a reality and the first units are taking shape while the first customers are looking forward to having the Bentley Bentayga in their garages, even though the first deliveries will not take place until January of 2016.

four years Have passed since the Bentley Bentayga will begin to take shape, being one of the principal recipients of the 840 million pounds which has lately invested the prestigious british firm. The Bentayga is the first luxury SUV that we know of in the market and proof of this are the most of 130 hours that have been invested in the production of this unit anthracite that is not going to go to any private garage, as that will be part of the collection of the Bentley. Then it will be the second unit that goes to Queen Elizabeth II.

El primer Bentley Bentayga sale de la línea de montaje

The start of production has been framed in an act multitudinous

The Bentley Bentayga will start your marketing with a special edition release, the Bentayga First Edition, limited to 608 units that make reference to the 608 horsepower of the engine W12 biturbo. This limited edition comes accompanied by a Breitling watch to be chosen by the customers among three models of this signature.

The starting price will be about 315 for the First Edition, while the rest of units will start from a more modest 220,000 euros. A quick way to fatten the price is to opt for the watch Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon optional center console, with a price of more than 200,000 (the watch, yes).

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