The first BMW M2 rugged than we know… I don’t gave time to enroll!

Someone will have to wait a little more for its spectacular
BMW M2. The news of vehicle dream crashed us
become painful, but on this occasion, the situation becomes more
sad even when we know that even had time to get out to
have a fun time
, since the M2 that we’re talking about does not seem to have come to enrol.


This BMW M2 have already suffered an accident before seen with its owner

The images come to us from the account of Facebook of BMW SPAIN FUN CLUB. The source just provides data about the event except that this
BMW M2 has had a slight mishap in the front before meeting her
. It seems to be a small accident or neglect had
during the transport of the ///M more compact, so that the
desired owner will have to wait a little more to enjoy your

The area affects the entire front corner, left of the vehicle. To
simple view seems to have affected the bumper, fin, hood, and
they may also have been involved with the lighthouse and the emblematic
double kidney grille. If the hit arrived at push to the rim,
something that is not able to be seen from the pictures, I’m afraid that also
there could be other mechanical components affected.


it Was an all-new unit

As we have said above, it seems that the vehicle was not
time or to be enrolled before you go asking for an appointment to the workshop.
interior still retains some of its plastics protective
and the
bumper does not seem to have led to tuition any so far.

Hope that its unfortunate owner will provide another drive
new as it is a pity to spend minimum 62.900 €,
price for Spain, in this sport that will give a
repaired unit.

We recall that the BMW M2 is the sport ///M compact
markets. Inside, we find some elements that
come inherited directly from its big brother the BMW M4. In this
case, the compact coupe has a propeller 3.0-liter six
cylinder in-line
that produces 370 HP and 465 Nm of torque maximum
it is able to reach 100 km/h from standstill in just
4.5 seconds and continue accelerating until the 270 km/h maximum.