The first car pure electric Volvo will arrive in the year 2019 with up to 100 kWh

Volvo XC90 Plug-in Hybrid

Volvo XC90 Plug-in Hybrid recharging its batteries.

The commitment of the Swedish manufacturer with electric vehicles comes from far away. Already in the year 2015 unveiled some of their objectives (short-term) for the future launch of new models electrified. However, since then, it has unveiled new details since Volvo is allocating many resources to its program of driving autonomous so-called “Drive Me”. Despite this, this does not mean that they are not working on new projects.

One of them is the new modular platform for electric cars that is being developed and that will be crucial to the future range of models that will launch the marking. During a recent symposium on electric and hybrid vehicles that has taken place in the city of San Diego (united States), a senior official of the Swedish company confirmed that the first car 100% electric Volvo will arrive at dealers in the year 2019.

Mats Anderson, the ceo of Electric powertrains of Volvo, has been the one who has ratified that this first pure electric will see the light in 2019 and will be equipped with a battery pack of up to 100 kWh of capacity, so that their autonomy will be very important. On the other hand, Anderson stresses that the development of the platform MEP that we spoke of earlier is very important as it will allow to reduce the cost of production of the brand electrical.

Coche el├ęctrico de Volvo

The first car 100% electric Volvo will be a reality by the year 2019.

This new platform will offer a level of adaptation important, and can be used in electric vehicles with a power range between 100 and 450 kW (over 600 HP) and a batteries of up to 100 kWh of size. Depending on the efficiency of the vehicle, a battery of this capacity can provide a range exceeding 480 kilometres.

The most logical thing is that the above figures are relegated to the versions of “top of range”, as it currently does Tesla with the Model S and Model X. A versions more modest in power and range permit us to offer a more affordable price and appeal to drivers who do not require performance as high.

The bet of Volvo by the mechanical “electrified” is very important and palpable. Currently, the maximum exponent of its range is the Volvo XC90 and its hybrid variant plug-in, but also have a more affordable option, the Volvo V60. The next model to join this list of electric models will be the expected Volvo XC40, a model that will be presented this year and that it will have a hybrid variant plug-in like the previous two.