The first charger super fast for electric Spain is already here

Super cargador españolSpain is a country of contrasts, there is no doubt that. They not only can be applied to our geography, customs or way of life, they can also take to the field of research and innovation. Why do I say this? The research on Spain it seems that it is wrong to view. Those of us dedicated to research (whatever branch) we are seen as weirdos and when you talk about asking for financial support to take forward these research projects provide us with the gates in the face.

however there is always room for hope and some Spanish company struggle against wind and tide to carry to fruition their research. One of them is ENERGER and their mission in this difficult business world is “to provide professional engineering services and consulting, and develop different energy projects,”. Because in this mission you have given birth to that will be the first charger ultra fast electric cars made in spain one hundred percent.

España punto recarga garajeAccording ENERGER this charger is compatible with the different load types that exist on the market. This feature is very important since nowadays the manufacturers that have chosen this type of mobility still have not agreed on a standard for load only and for both there are a multitude of sockets and connectors. This super charger can be operated with alternating current (which is in our houses) or direct current (which would be stored in a battery as the car).

With these features, the super charger Spanish, is able to charge the batteries of our electric car in something less than ten minutes. In addition, thanks to its energetic configuration can provide load has vehicles with up to 100 kilowatts (kW) of power. Finally, add to that this charger is ready for that in the future it can be expanded its energy capacity, as well as to add more outlets to recharge.

we Hope that the Spanish technology follow this path, and from the treaty that appropriate support for the work of the great professionals that we have in our land to not have to leave to other countries.

Source – ENERGER