The first customers of the Bentley Bentayga travel to Crewe to get their cars

it is Never easy to opt for a new model, and much less if this still has not been made, or even presented. And it is for this reason that Bentley wants to reward the trust of the first customers of the Bentley Bentayga. To that end, has met at the headquarters in Crewe, where each one has received his long-awaited unit.


Although in reality, are the first units that come out of the factory, the first of which was received by the Queen Isabel II, and later to public figures, these yes are the first units delivered to customers that have scrupulously respected the waiting list. A wait that was extended a couple of years in any of the cases.

And any other reserved its Bentley Bentayga, right from the moment in which the brand was launched to your creation. Remember that the first SUV of the English house was officially presented at the last Frankfurt show. From that moment began the process of manufacturing and marketing.

keep in mind that the Bentayga takes a rhythm of production low. Each unit takes 130 hours to occur. A work of craftsmanship and engineering that it is tedious, but concludes with a work of art on four wheels. The SUV fastest in the world, with a top speed of over 300 Km/h.


To commemorate the out on the streets of these first units, the Bentley has baptized as the First Edition. A total of 608 units that will be delivered to the customers VIP spread all over the world and that have disbursed a minimum of 241.484 euros, which is the base price that has to Bentayga in Spain.