The first electric Hyundai with more than 200 miles of range will be a crossover

Prueba Hyundai Ioniq HíbridoHyundai has recently unveiled his famous vehicle is available with three types of propulsion alternative different: electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. We refer to the new Hyundai Ioniq, which has landed in Spain just a few weeks ago. However, the south Korean company already think in more releases of alternative vehicles, as well as made it clear during his press conference at the Auto show of Los Angeles.

In that press conference, Hyundai confirmed that its next electric vehicle a lot of autonomy, that is to say, more than 200 miles (320 km) will be a crossover vehicle. Maybe Hyundai wants to do with the hole left by the dying Toyota RAV4 EV, which, as we have already mentioned on occasion, is not getting some great benefits of sales in any of the markets in which it is marketed. We recall that the cycle of approval american is much more reliable than the european, so that the autonomy approved here it would be close to 400 km

Prueba Hyundai Ioniq HíbridoThese statements came on the part of Mike O’brien, vice president of corporate planning and products of Hyundai. O’brien was then asked by the companions of Motor Trend on this electric crossover, answering that will not be an alternative electricity derived from a crossover that is in marketing today; that is to say, it will be a model and development with a totally new design. Hyundai also says that in the year 2020 will have a vehicle in their range of electric with 250 miles of range.

Still has not confirmed which markets will this electric crossover from Hyundai. But, in any case, it is a great news that all kinds of marks (luxury, sport, Premium, generalists) research in favor of electric vehicles. In this way there is greater competition and, therefore, the end result that reaches the consumer will be better if there were a big competition between the different companies.

Source – Motor Trend