The first electric Subaru due to arrive in 2021

Subaru already put date to the arrival of its first electric vehicle. Your arrival is scheduled on the market in 2021, although there are still no official details.

Las alternative energy are every day more popular and the japanese firm does not want to stay outside of this trend that has been established in recent years. Subaru is developing its first electric vehicle, whose arrival to market is scheduled for 2021.

at the moment there are not many details about this first Subaru electric, while it would be developed on the same architecture that is used by the current Impreza. The first reports suggest that it would be a version 100% electric some of the models from the current catalog of Subaru and not a model itself again.

of course, the specifications of this first electric vehicle are still not known, since the car is in its early stages of development. However, it is believed that the wheel drive could be part of your configuration, keeping in mind that it is one of the features of the models of Subaru.

But the japanese firm not only is developing this first electric model, but is also working on the development of the hybrid technology from 2018 will be available along with some of their models. This does not mean that Subaru will leave the engines boxer, since you are also working on a new generation of thrusters that will be smaller than today.

In the field of technology there will also be developments in the coming years, as the japanese firm works in a new system of driving assistance called EyeSight, that from the year 2020 will include a driving mode, semi-autonomous that will be able to keep the vehicle within your lane when driving on motorways, in addition to lane change automated.