The first Ford GT comes out of the production line

Ford GT producción

Ford GT was presented at the beginning of the year 2015, to the surprise of many fans of the brand. He subsequently opened the reservation period and the interested parties had to ‘pass an exam’. There were more than 6,500 applications to try to make one of the 500 units will be manufactured initially. And finally, almost after two years of waiting, leaves the production line the first Ford GT.

Has been the Raj Nair, vice president of the company, responsible for overseeing the process. He felt proud that the Ford GT has achieved two of his main objectives this year: “highlight in Le Mans and begin deliveries before the end of the year.” The place chosen for the production of this model is the plant Multimatic located in Markham (Canada). The volume as we set out will not be very high.

Ford GT producción

Initially planned to build 500 units and finally the number grew to 1,000 units, which will arrive in a period of four years. Therefore, it is clear that the production of the Ford GT will continue to be limited to 250 units per year. In 2018, after delivering the first 500 units, will re-open requests to assign the next 500 units that will continue to be produced until 2020.

that it is still not very clear is the performance that will have this sports. We know that it takes the V6 engine EcoBoost, a twin turbo 3.5-liter that will develop more than 600 HP, but its capabilities are a mystery. We hope that these data arrive in a short time, because the first unit will be in the hands of your customer. To be with him, it is estimated that there will be paid a figure close to $ 400,000.

Ford GT producción

Source – Ford