The first 'hits' DJ Lewis Hamilton


Photo: Instagram @Lewishamilton

it’s no secret that Lewis Hamilton loves the music, his other great passion. But not only listen, but also to produce it. Take advantage of the time you don’t have to drive to devote to it: “The plan was, and so it began, that it was a hobby, but is now at a point where it is very serious and employ a lot of time in it. If I am not trained or preparing for a race, I’m here”. In his recording studio, where he was interviewed for the program ‘60 Minutes‘, CBS. The three-time wanted to show their face more personal to their fans, a unknown: “I Never thought, never in a million years, that would have so many people following me. You know, the fans. I want to share with them my music, see what they think, my work ethic is exactly the same as on the track. But it is only here where I can be me”.

The pilot himself English had spoken of the life change that has happened in 2015, without hiding their non-sporting activities. Were not an impediment to win the world cup, and believes that not going to change it. Almost always, the reason for his entertainment has been music: “It’s a big passion for me since I was very young. I started to play the guitar with 13 years old. With music I can be me, I can be very vulnerable. I can show you a side of me that people don’t get to see”. Hamilton, accompanied by Charlie Rose, released two of the songs that make up his album, which has still not gone on sale: “J’adore” (I Love) and “Looking at you” (looking at you).

Hamilton acknowledged that it has an influence of Michael Jackson, Prince or his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger, former leader of The Pussycat Dolls: “I Built the studio for Nicole not to have to go to Los Angeles, in 2013. Now almost only use I”. But not everything was music on the intervention of Hamilton on the program. His favorite movie is ‘Cool Runnings‘, known as ‘Chosen to win’ in Spain, as the competition and the speed in the bobsleigh (sport that involved the protagonists) to inspire him in his first steps in karting. In addition, he spoke of the future that you have left in Formula 1, which is still broad, and joked with his retirement: “I Started seven years ago…I think I will leave it to the 37”. If so, there are still many seasons to enjoy the british Mercedes.