The first image of the Nissan NV300 is displayed with the occasion of the Champions League


This is the first image of the new van mid-size of Nissan. As the official sponsor of the Champions League, the manufacturer of vehicles of japanese origin has also used the event to raise awareness worldwide to the new Nissan NV300, that will carry the flag to Milan where they will play the final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

In the first promotional image we see the van in two configurations: Combi in front and Van back to us, precisely by entering the flag in its interior. The model comes to replace the well-known Primastar and will come to fill the gap remaining free between the models NV200 and NV400.

No need to investigate too much to realize that it is a Renault Trafic duly highlighted by Nissan. A few differences we noticed in their design except for the emblems and the main grille with the characteristic V-chrome of the last models of the japanese. In fact their production will be carried out in the plant of Renault in Sandouville (France).


For the moment we have only the images offered to get to know the model, but the rest of the details of the van median of Nissan will be revealed officially during the Car show in Hannover in Germany.

Although I already anticipate that very possibly your offer of equipment and motors is derived directly from its sister French, thrusters diesel dCi of between 90 and 140 HP homologando consumption from only 5.3 liters every 100 km