The first images of the new Porsche 911 Cabriolet without a roof


The new 911 Cabriolet in the open, in all senses.

The developmental prototypes of the new generation of the Porsche 911 are it is well known by our readers. Not in vain, in the last year we’ve published dozens of spy pictures of the testing of this model, including the first snapshots of the future hybrid variant of the nueveonce.

Of the new 911 generation 992 (name not confirmed by the brand) also we have shown you images of the new variant is opened, the 911 Cabriolet, however, this is the first time we see one of these copies with its canvas roof folding, revealing its silhouette and the completion of the folding system of the roof.

At the exterior, this unit of the 911 Cabrio is not distinguished from the rest of the books sighted in the last few months. Both in the front and at the back we find the same bumper interim that assemble these prototypes, with many tentative elements and camouflage, especially in the behind.


The hood is perfectly concealed in the forms of the body.

As expected, the folding system of the roof the completely hidden once it is down. The back cover hides the entire element textile, and the lid and the top items are very similar to those of the previous generation.

Almost all likelihood, the new system is an evolution of the previous. The own hood, which we have seen raised on multiple occasions, it is to the naked eye very similar to that of the current generation of the 911. This has the peculiarity of not being a mere canvas of black but that is a hood semirĂ­gida, with various layers covered with a canvas textile conventional to offer to the aspect cabrio traditional, so that almost surely the new generation will take advantage of this development in the new model.

so far, the 911 Targa is the only variant of bodywork that has not been hunted yet, which could mean that, like his predecessor, to be presented later. The new generation of the 911 should be submitted at some point between this year and 2019.