The first images of the Tesla Model 3 final production


The first Tesla Model 3.

As I discussed at the beginning of the week, Elon Musk revealed via Twitter that this week would be out of the chain of production, the first production model of the Tesla Model 3, named by the mark SN1 or Serial Number 1. According to the statements from Musk that was to take place last Friday, and today we already have the images of that first copy, so that they are also the first images of the Model 3, definitive.

Though you have not revealed more than two images of this unit is finished in a blue color, there seems to be no changes with respect to the prototype development seen in the last few weeks, nor with respect to the initial prototypes, or Alpha, that is as the called the own brand.

The photographs have been taken in the same premises of the brand in Fremont, where it will be assembled the Model 3 along with the rest of the range Tesla. Although, in principle, the pace of production will be quite slow, as well as the own deliveries, as these first units will not meant to real customers but to the employees of the companies Musk, Tesla and SpaceX.


This month will be produced in only a few specimens.

The reason for giving priority to the employees of these companies is simple, to hire your own employees to have a feedback to the fast and direct about the quality , or possible problems with these early model units. After them, they will begin deliveries to customers according to their remoteness with the factory, starting with those living closer to the facilities of Tesla.

This first issue, for example, was destined to one of the members of the board of Tesla, Ire Ehrenpreis, who, as a gift for his 46 birthday gave the rights of this first unit of the own Musk, so that we understand that this will end up in the possession of Musk or of the brand itself, which will be used to test the quality of your manufacturing.

The next 28 of July will be held an event at the factory in Fremont where it will delivery of the 30 first units to their owners, and a few days later will be delivered the following 100 copies, to move to a production of about 1,500 copies in the month of September. And thus increase the production gradually to 20,000 units monthly before the end of the year.