The first kilometer of solar road in the world already works in France

Renault ZOE Societé

The world is evolving and the needs for electricity must be feasible and affordable before the oil is finished. solar energy, in according to which countries, it is very useful and important and why we must take advantage of this inexhaustible source of energy to get her the better performance possible. In addition, if the automotive sector mutate towards electrification of the car it will be even more necessary to get energy to feed them.

Spain has always been known as the sun country and the beach. Obviaremos the beach and will focus on the sun and its advantages. Imagine for a moment that our road network was filled with solar panels that obtain energy and thus stop relying on oil. Well, the first kilometre of road built solar panels has already come into the world, and as usual (always passes us someone who really bet by the innovation) is not in Spain.

Carretera solar

France is the first country in the world to open to traffic first stretch of road endowed with solar panels. This kilometre of track has cost about 5 million €uros but with the energy that it provides can cater to the 3000 inhabitants of the locality in which it was installed (the only thing that is excluded from this supply is the heating). The stretch of the road was inaugurated by the Minister for the Environment, French Segolene Royal, and as indicated by will be opened to traffic to complete a two-year study to study its feasibility and possible progressive deployment in the rest of roads in the country.

These solar panels have been developed by the british company, Queues, and according to its composition can hold the weight of the truck of greater tonnage that may exist in circulation. In addition, your thickness is only 7 millimeters and is formed by crystals called Wattway that offer the same grip and behavior tar that covers the current roads. With these features and the electricity can provide are prefigured as a good solution to minimize our dependency on oil.

Now you will see your final price of implementation and if the “political” in turn are willing to bet on them.

Source – Antena 3 News