The first Maserati electric will be a very different car

Maserati Alfieri producción

Maserati Alfieri Concept

Virtually daily we bring you information on new electric vehicles, others that are coming soon, prototypes, and a long etcetera. brands of high-end cars and supercars, have to reinvent more than anything, since it is difficult to combine high sportiness and performance with electricity. Porsche and Ferrari are some of the that they have achieved with the 918 Spyder and LaFerrari respectively, but remind you that you are supercars-hybrid and not a few vehicles 100 % electric. Today we talk about Maserati, and it is the mark of the trident want to make a genuine revolution.

According to our co Car and Driver, Roberto Fedeli, chief engineer of Maserati, the Italian brand wants to offer a 100% electric vehicle. However, you also declare that you do not want to be a rival of Tesla, focusing on his idea of a super sports car of very high performance that is different from the rest of what today is offering and getting ahead of ourselves in many manufacturers for your future.

This high office of the Italian brand trident has been chosen by the group FCA to carry out the project of the first Maserati electrical of the story, which should arrive as soon as possible. Says Fedeli that one of the major challenges is to create an electric car with the DNA of the brand. This is a stylish design to the pair that sports and a benefits of infarction.

Alfieri Concept

Maserati Alfieri Concept

The problem, when talking of benefits, is given by the high weight of the electrical systems and their batteries. The energy able to achieve with a suitable electric propulsion system is very high, especially when we talk about torque, but the weight always subtracts dynamism, agility and fun when approaching an area of curves.

The project is complicated and very away from the latest releases of Maserati, who have moved away from relatively pure sportiness with vehicles like the Ghibli, and the luxury SUV Levante. Both are able to drive very fast, but they are slightly away from the DNA of the Italian house of the trident. Do you get Maserati a supercar, fun and 100 % electric?