The first megatruck of 25,25 m and 60 tonnes already wheel with success on our roads

megatrucks, or road trains, can now circulate legal in Spain. Until the adoption of the new regulation of road transport in the BOE of the 23rd of October 2015, the trucks could not exceed 18.75 metres in length and 40 tonnes. The megatrucks come to 25,25 metres and its maximum authorised mass to 60 tons. Has been SEAT and its operational logistics is the first company to use successfully one of these trucks between Martorell and its suppliers.

SEAT expected to be filled with megatrucks three additional routes of supply logistics in the coming months.

The first tour of this huge truck of 25,25 meters of length and double trailer has taken place today, between the Catalan cities of Palau-solità i Plegamans and Martorell. It has been a project driven by the Cluster of the Automotive Industry of Catalonia, CIAC). SEAT has been the leader of the project, together with Grupo Sesé, CIMALSA, Group Races, Tecnicarton and SF Consultants as collaborating entities. A tractor Scania of recent enrollment has been responsible for dragging the load.

trenes-carretera-seat-pioneros-1This maiden voyage has been loaded instrumentation, and sensors, designed to measure in this pilot test different technical aspects, related with the integrity of the load, stopping distances or handling. While the megatrucks are completely legal, since has opened a debate on the future of employment in the sector, in addition to its gravamen: how should pay the same toll that a conventional truck? What about the accelerated wear of the road network in Spanish?

What seems undeniable is the reduction of logistics costs – of up to 22% according to the promoters of this legislation and the transportation companies.

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